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Next Level.

Last week I was texting my friend who is a pastor's wife and someone that I greatly admire and look up to. She has four young kids and has helped answer all of my questions through pregnancy and birth. She's been an inspiration to me for the past 7 years because of her wealth of knowledge and experience! I decided to ask her about her involvement in ministry as we haven't talked about that much. With having four young children and being a pastor's wife it's been difficult to be deeply involved in the church as there has been a lot on her plate already. She told me that she helps as much as she can and is getting more involved now that her kids are getting bigger. She's never taken on anything as her own yet. Now that Henley is here that's exactly what I feel led to do.

Recently I've been trying to overcome my church hurt. I went to Bible College, have been attending church for a decade now, worked for religious nonprofit organizations, served in various…

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